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Welcome to Mola.

Become a member and enjoy curated streaming content and exciting live events

Streaming videos

Enjoy some of the best curated entertainment titles and sports all under one subscription service. From Hollywood series, European dramas and Independent films, we curate our titles so you won't have any regret wasting time on things you wish hadn't seen.    

“There is no bad show at Mola, it's really like it was chosen for us. Just watch and enjoy
"My go to place to find entertainment choices. The collection of films is crazy, from all ages available, and not just cheap or Hollywood movies."
“Come for the ball and loyal because of his film collection. Want to get to know the person who chose him "

Digital passes, event tickets & Collectibles

Want to attend exclusive events, exciting concerts and more? Mola events brings you something different every time..

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Previous Mola Chill Club events

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